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Financial Professionals:

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Financial Professionals

There is a growing list of providers you can select from when choosing your retirement partner. We believe RiversEdge can provide you the best solution so that you can effectively compete in the marketplace and focus on building your retirement business. Some of the reasons to consider partnering with RiversEdge are:

Our Independence

As an independent recordkeeper, the services and solutions we provide are not influenced or restricted by mutual fund companies, broker/dealers, or other financial institutions. We work closely with advisors, TPAs, and all types of financial institutions to deliver solutions that make sense for you and your clients.

Transparent Fee Structure

RiversEdge believes in fee transparency, full disclosure, and we charge no asset-based recordkeeping fees. We pass through all revenue sharing received from the plan’s mutual fund investments, and we offer a pure fee environment. When working with us, you are able to see the cost breakdown of each and every service on a per participant and per plan basis.  In addition, our compensation is exclusively fee based, fully disclosed and paid by our clients. Our full-disclosure fee policy reflects our belief that plan sponsors are entitled to full information about fees and expenses

Open Architecture Platform

RiversEdge’s open architecture approach provides access to thousands of mutual fund options that can be used in constructing a plan’s investment menu, and never limits those to only those offered by a single source fund family or an insurance company. Because we are independent, we don’t put restrictions and limitations around your ability to offer the most appropriate investments for your plan.

Service Flexibility

RiversEdge can provide full administration services, or if it is your preference, we may provide only recordkeeping services while you perform administration services. Or alternatively, you can elect to use a Third Party Administrator (TPA) of your choosing, and we will work with them so they can effectively provide their services. And if none of those solutions are entirely appropriate, we can work with you to determine the exact services that are appropriate for your situation.

In addition, our extensive experience permits us to work closely with you in situations that may require specialized service considerations. In such a case, we can work together to determine the best course of action to follow to effectively support the client and meet their needs, and to be able to provide excellent ongoing customer service.

Custodian Neutral Flexibility

We work as partners with several well known retirement plan custodians. All of their costs are clearly stated upfront, and those charges are passed through to the plan without any modifications. As a result, we have no economic benefit in selecting one of our custodians over another. We will work with you to determine which custodian partner is right for your situation.

Leading-edge Technology

RiversEdge provides a technology platform that is extremely automated and powerful, and yet is intuitive and easy to use. Our technology is designed to achieve the following goals:

Tools and Resources

RiversEdge provides a suite of tools and resources that helps our financial partners simplify their workload and enhance the value they provide to plan sponsor clients and participants. With round-the-clock access to accounts via the web, online plan management and modeling tools, and detailed reporting capabilities, you can stay in touch with your accounts in the way that works best for you. RiversEdge ensures our tools stay current and robust, so that you concentrate on what you do best. Additional Information

Our success is built through partnerships with financial professionals

RiversEdge is a recordkeeper, not a registered investment advisor. Our services and solutions are sold through financial professionals – we never solicit plan sponsors directly and do not compete for advisory business. Within our business model, financial professionals are a key component to our success. As such we do everything we can to help them succeed in the defined contribution space.

High-quality customer service and support

Providing quality customer service is a key component of the RiversEdge mission. As a RiversEdge partner, advisors and TPAs are assigned a Client Services Specialist that manages your day-to-day needs and requests.

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Retirement Calculators

These calculators are provided to assist you but should not serve as a substitute for advice from a qualified investment advisor.

Please note that all financial calculators require a Java enabled browser. Information and interactive calculators are made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use. We cannot and do not guarantee their accuracy or their applicability to your circumstances. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.