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The elective deferral limit: (2014) $17,500 to (2015) $18,000

The catch-up contribution limit: (2014) $5,500 to (2015) $6,000

The limitation for defined contribution plans: (2014) $52,000 to (2015) $53,000

The annual compensation limit is increased from (2014) $260,000 to (2015) $265,000

The dollar limitation under Section 416(i)(1)(A)(i) concerning the definition of key employee in a top-heavy plan remains unchanged at $170,000.

The limitation used in the definition of highly compensated employee under Section 414(q)(1)(B) is increased from $115,000 to $120,000.

Click here for a complete table displaying Contribution/Benefit limits for the last 10 years provided by PlanSponsor.com.

Celebrating 2014: A Chance to Reflect (PARTNER’S EDGE NEWSLETTER 12.2014)

In the last few years and 2014, we have been fortunate to experience steady growth in both the partners we work with, and in the number of plans and participants we service. In order to accommodate this growth, we significantly increased our work space when we recently moved into new office space. We are excited to let you know that our primary offices are now located at:

RiversEdge Advanced Retirement Solutions

601 Broad Street, Suite 100

Sewickley, PA 15143



Expanded Personal Account Performance Tools for Participants (PARTNERS EDGE NEWSLETTER 11.2014)

RiversEdge Advanced Retirement Solutions has provided online account performance tools to participants for several years now. Recently, by working in unison with our technology partners, our online Personal Performance Tools were enhanced to even more effectively help participants understand how their retirement accounts have performed over time.

In addition to the excellent investment analytics already available, several updates were released that give you (and the participant you are working with) the ability to mine data and review it in several different ways.  Included now are options that give you and participants access to… READ MORE


4 Required Search Steps: DOL Issues Updated Guidance for Locating Missing Participants (PARTNER’S EDGE NEWSLETTER 10.2014)

In mid-August 2014, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued updated guidance for locating missing participants who have an account balance in a qualified defined contribution plan that is terminating. While the fiduciary’s responsibilities for locating missing participants haven’t changed, the guidelines for finding them have.

Plan fiduciaries who have attempted to reach a plan participant using their last known physical address and/or email address unsuccessfully, should proceed as described in these 4 required search steps… READ MORE

The 3 Stages of Conversion: What You & Your Client Can Expect (PARTNER’S EDGE NEWSLETTER 8.25.14)

Our prospective Partners often ask what they and their Plan Sponsor Clients can expect when they decide to convert an existing qualified plan to our services.  Though the process for establishing a new plan and converting an existing one have similarities they differ in scope.  To follow is an overview of the three primary stages of our conversion process for existing plans… READ MORE

Using Portfolios to Provide Added Value to Your Clients (PARTNER’S EDGE NEWSLETTER 8.11.14)

A key advantage we offer Financial Advisors is our ability to support a systematic investment process with technology automation; specifically,by giving Advisors the ability to create custom investment and/or portfolio models. There are two different types of investment technology approaches we offer and some of the key advantages they can provide you are… READ MORE

RiversEdge Investment Tools (Portfolios versus IPM’s) (Updated 08-08-2014)


Important Changes in Roth In-Plan Conversion Rules (PARTNER’S EDGE NEWSLETTER 7.28.14)

In this issue we want to provide you a brief summary of the recent changes and current rules governing Roth In-Plan Conversions while giving you an overview of how RiversEdge can help you work with your clients to support Roth account requirements… READ MORE

How (and Why!) to Engage that New Client Contact (PARTNER’S EDGE NEWSLETTER 7.14.14)

When your client contact leaves and a new client contact comes in, there is both risk and opportunity.  It isn’t uncommon for new client contacts to come in with agendas and previous vendor relationships that are worthy of learning about early on. Rather than taking a risk, here are several things you can do to turn risk into opportunity… READ MORE

RiversEdge Delivers Mobile Access to Retirement Account Participants (PARTNER’S EDGE NEWSLETTER 6.30.14)

RiversEdge is pleased to share that RIVERSEDGE MOBILE was released to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android device users this past week (June 24th) and can now be downloaded through the device app store utilized by Plan Participants…. READ MORE ABOUT THE APP

3 Powerful Reasons to Encourage Sponsors to Revisit Plan Features (PARTNER’S EDGE NEWSLETTER 6.16.14)

Though an employers’ resistance to revisiting their decisions and making provision changes is understandable, you have to wonder; are these Plan Sponsors missing important opportunities?  Should we be encouraging them to revisit plan features?Here are three powerful reasons to encourage Plan Sponsors to take a look at their plan features… READ MORE

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